Customer Letters and Testimonials


"Huge sound through all registers" -D.T.

"Good five string basses are hard to find, and this was a good one." -R.E.
"I was truly overwhelmed by the quality of your instrument." -J.P.
"It's the loudest bass I have ever heard." -D.T.
"Congratulations on a very impressive instrument." -J.P.
"Nice tone quality and a quick response when bowed." -D.T.
"Impressed with how well the bass is proportioned." -R.R
""Could hear the bass well and it sounded like an organ at times." -T.G.
"Impressed by the dynamic range." -P.Q.
The craftsmanship was very good." -D.T.
"I love the depth of color in the wood." -B.F.
"A real blend of modern technology with the traditional look." -B.F.

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